Basalt Stone

Basalt stone is a dense textured (aphanitic) igneous rock of a lava flow or minor intrusion composed essentially of labradorite and pyroxene, often displaying a columnar structure. Basalt is relatively high in iron and magnesia minerals and relatively low in silica, generally dark gray to black, and feldspathic. A general term in contradistinction to felsite, a light-colored feldspathic and highly siliceous rock of similar texture and origin.

Natural stone can take all forms, shapes, sizes, finishes and application types – from Thin Veneer to Caps and Pool Coping to tumbled Paving Stone to Flagstone.

Working very closely with each stone quarry, both domestic and internationally, we are able to craft the most unique look by taking into account the color tones and appropriate application type to match any project.

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